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Fertilizing of trees and shrubs.


Generally there are two time frames that are best to fertilize trees:


Early to Mid-Spring and Late Fall (when plants going or are still dormant).


Late Fall, some nutrients are used in root growth, with the remainder stored in other plant tissues ready to be used when the roots resume absorption and expansion in the spring.


Early to Mid-Spring nutrients are converted to essential plant compounds – sugars, carbohydrates and amino acids – that bolster stem, trunk and root growth.


Injecting fertilizer below the turf you can be confident that the nutrients are going into the tree and not being consumed by turf and ground covers.


Late Fall Applications of fertilizer will be present within the trees system at the earliest stages of development, becoming available in the trees system exactly when needed early enough in Spring to give them a productive head start.


Early Fall applications are generally NOT recommended because the resulting encouragement of growth that often occurs may not have adequate time to harden off before the onset of winter. If not winter-ready, the stems have a greater potential to suffer winter injury because of their soft and supple nature.






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