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Arboriculture Consulting


Arborists are often known for their skill and expertise when it comes to working with trees and performing tree care. When complex written solutions are required for comprehensive tree problems, it is best to hire a consulting arborist.


Consulting arborists are experts in advising clients on various tree problems. They often have additional training on top of many years of experience with trees. Pinnacle Tree and Shrub Care provides many consulting services to help clients in both the private and public sectors.





When new development is proposed on sites with existing trees, tree management plans are often required by municipalities. Tree management plans provide information on which trees should be removed, which trees should be preserved, and requirements for tree protection fencing.


Pinnacle will provide a detailed report supplemented by plan drawings of all required trees on a property. All reports are completed in conformity to the local tree by-laws for any municipality.


Pinnacle also provides tree pruning and removal services for developers. For more information, please see the tree pruning and removals section of the website.



Property Management


Larger commercial or private properties which have a large number of trees need to be maintained. Tree maintenance on these sites can be left for too long, resulting in costly reactive maintenance. Tree management plans prevent reactive maintenance. By assessing a large number of trees, what needs to be done to them, and when, allows property managers to plan with preventative maintenance programs.


Tree management plans help with budgeting, and reduce the headaches of dealing with unmaintained tree problems. These reports include:


An inventory of the entire tree population with mapped locations
A 5-year plan with recommendations for each tree, prioritizing what year they should be worked on
A comprehensive, presentable report prepared by a consulting arborist


Pinnacle also provides tree pruning and removal services in accordance with tree management plans. For more information, please see the tree pruning and removals section of the website.


Diagnostics and Health Assessments


Pinnacle Tree and Shrub Care specializes in diagnosing diseases and disorders of trees and shrubs. Our staff have extensive knowledge of trees, their biology, and their common problems. We provide consultations where a qualified arborist can assess your tree’s health, and provide a solution.


In addition to consultations, we provide plant health care services to keep trees healthy. For more information, see the plant health care section of the website.


Tree Risk Assessment


Having a tree on your property comes with countless benefits, but there is also a level of risk involved in tree ownership. Although the risk of trees harming people is usually very low, property owners have a legal duty of care when it comes to their trees and the risk they pose.


Pinnacle Tree and Shrub Care provides tree risk assessments that give property owners the information needed to make an informed decision on what to do with their tree. Tree risk assessments include:


Ground assessments
Aerial canopy inspections
Sonic imaging to show the health of tree interiors


In addition to the assessment, we provide comprehensive reports noting all the data and results of our findings about the trees in question.


Pinnacle also provides pruning and removal services to help mitigate tree risk.


Tree Removal


Various municipalities require an arborist report from a certified or licenced arborist before a private tree can be removed. Arborist reports are necessary and must be submitted with municipal permit applications before a tree removal can take place. Pinnacle will provide property owners a professional report that can be submitted to acquire a removal permit.


Pinnacle also provides tree removals. For more information, please see the tree removals section of the website.



Tree Appraisal


Your trees and landscape plantings contribute to the value of your property. Trees growing in the ground on your property are real estate, and have value associated with them. Various factors inherent in trees and the property they grow on can add to their value.


When a dollar value needs to be assigned to trees, Pinnacle Tree and Shrub Care can provide a tree appraisal report. One of our qualified arborists can provided a professional report that provides a fair assessment of your trees.






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