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Common Questions



Q - Do you have Certified Arborists?

A - Yes, we have "ISA" Certified Arborists. This is a designation that is recognized all around the world.


Q - My fruit (Crabapple, Pear) tree is losing leaves/black spots?

A - We can identify and correct this.


Q - Do you take out stumps?

A - Yes, we grind stumps and we can go thru a 28 inch gate.


Q - When is the best time to prune (trim) my trees, shrubs and hedges?

A - Most trees and shrubs it doesn't matter when.


Q - Do you treat trees, shrubs and hedges for insects?

A - Yes, on our Plant Health Care program.


Q - Do you plant new trees and shrubs?

A - Yes, we make sure to get the right tree for the right spot.


Q - Do you sell firewood?

A - Yes, from trees we cut down, we recycle everything.


Q - I'd like to make a table top or a bench from my tree, do you do that?

A - We have a portable sawmill and we can cut slabs up to 6 feet wide.


Q - With the storm last night, my tree split, can you fix it?

A - We will assess and give you recommendations.


Q - When you remove my tree, do you remove all the wood and debris?

A - Yes, we clean up your property perfectly. We can leave the wood if you want.



Q - What area does Your company service?

A - We service - Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph.

                      Ariss, Ayr, Baden, Bamburg, Breslau, Conestoga, Elmira, Heidleberg, Linwood, Mannheim, New Dundee,

                      New Hamburg, Petersburg, Puslinch, Roseville, St. Agatha, St. Clements, St. Jacobs, Wellesley.








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