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Stump Grinding


Stump Grinding is a process done after a tree has been cut down. This is done with a grinder that has a cutting disk that chips away the roots and wood below grade. There are 4 steps involved in the stump removal process:


1.  Locates from gas and hydro are required, which we will provide for you 

2.  The grinding of the stump itself

3.  The removal of grindings and debris

4.  Once the stump and surface roots are grinded, we can repair the area with soil and seed or replant a tree for you at an extra fee


Common Questions:


How deep do you grind?
Anywhere up to 2 feet.


Do the roots get removed?
Only the surface roots are ground.


Will the equipment fit in my yard? 
We have grinders of various sizes which can fit in most backyards.


Why you should get stumps removed…

  • The roots that spread can threaten sidewalks or foundations
  • Prevents further spreading of diseased wood to healthy trees and shrubs
  • Prevents infestations of insects (bees, termites, etc.) or larger animals
  • Stumps have the potential to be a safety hazard
  • Mowing will be easier, faster, and safer
  • Reduces chances of damaging lawn mowers
  • Lawn will look clean and appear larger 
Stump Grinding   

      Stump Grinding







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